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Autodesk AutoCAD 2016
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About Autodesk AutoCAD 2016

AutoCAD 2016 is an effective software that can assist in making engineering design work more efficient with help of improved functionality. Majority of AutoCAD 2016 updates were targeting software functionality and were based on requests from frequent users of this software. Main areas of improvement include powerful dimensioning, user interface, and updates to revision clouds, as well as latest and improved 3D modelling support, and helpful tools to strengthen security and reduce problems when dealing with custom applications.

Based on comparison with latest versions, AutoCAD 2016 demonstrates an impressive functionality and does not oblige user to meet high system requirements for his hardware. Besides that, the product price is considerably lower comparing to latest versions, which makes it a more attractive option. In overall, AutoCAD 2016 is great solution for users, who have limited budget or do not utilize a lot of extra features, which are present in latest versions.

Go through the key features of AutoCAD 2016 in order to have a better understanding about its means of functionality and effective improvements.

File Tabs. The "New Tab" drawing tab is now called "Start" and remains there, while you create and open other drawings. The system variable called "NEWTABMODE" is now called "STARTMODE". When it is set to zero, the tab does not appear.

Status Bar. Based on AutoCAD 2016 new features, the Status Bar wrap automatically onto 2 rows, if the number of icons exceeds the number that is allowed to fit inside a single row. Model tab and at minimum one layout tab are displayed at all times to ease the accessibility process.

Ribbon. The new system variable "GALLERYVIEW" allows you to set if Ribbon galleries should appear. If "GALLERYVIEW" is set to value 1, thumbnail preview images of dimensions as well as blocks, m-leaders and tables are being displayed inside the Ribbon.

Revision Cloud Tools. The Revision Cloud tool is improved in new features of AutoCAD 2016 and can provide extra flexibility. It can be accessed from the Annotate Ribbon panel and contains 3 creation methods: polygonal, rectangular and freehand. The creation method that was last used by the user, can now be remembered and displayed next time when the command is used.

Dimensioning Enhancements. The DIM command has undergone significant enhancements in AutoCAD 2016 and now can be accessed from the Annotate ribbon tab. Dimensions created with DIM command get placed automatically on the specific layer. DIM command options are now available via command line as well as right-click menu. This eliminates the necessity for user to keep track of all the available options and ways to enter them.

Buy and download AutoCAD 2016 in order to enjoy the latest features, which include software functionality improvements, powerful dimensioning, user interface enhancements and revision clouds updates.

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What customers say

Kim Boone, CA
Software turned out to be cheaper than that of competitors, at first it was alarming and there were concerns. The software license was granted promptly and with respect to the client. In the future, if such a need arises, we will contact your company.
Pansy, CA
I bought AutoCAD LT 2016 and I can say that I am very pleased with the innovations. For example, in this version, a new object snap has been added, in order to find the geometric center of an object you do not need to use multiple snaps! It can be found immediately by analogy with the center of a circle. Also, the new AutoCAD has a new rendering engine. Highly recommend!
Luana, FR
Colleagues recommended Product Design Suite to me, and I also decided to order it for my company. And that was the right decision. We got a suite of Autodesk products at an incredible value! It is very convenient that there is joint work on projects and 3D assemblies, the ability to access resources on the cloud.
Ninette, AU
Work of ProCadIs Software Shop is fine. A clear understanding of the subject of the services and software products provided. Operational work of consultants and managers. The price level is the market. Promotions are welcome.