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About Autodesk Revit 2020

Efficiently and accurately capture design intent in 3D

Collaborate and coordinate across multidisciplinary teams

Use Revit to analyze, simulate, and connect in the cloud to improve designs

What's new in Revit 2020

New and enhanced Revit building design software features support consistent, coordinated, and complete modelling for multidiscipline design that extends to detailing and construction.

The following new features and improvements have been included in Revit 2020 in order to optimize the work and save time. PDF underlay support allows to insert a PDF directly in Revit regardless of source and model new elements based on the 2D data. Path and travel analysis assist in developing an understanding of how people tend to move within a building or navigate through space to complete design performance analysis. Create an advanced wall geometry by drawing elliptical walls as well as curtain walls.

In addition, users now can schedule elevation of several elements and utilize those values in view filters and while streamlining the interaction with elements within palette properties. Electrical homerun improvements of wirings provide additional control of tick marks and arrowheads, and help to design electrical documentation, which is simple usage and understanding. Besides that, Revit 2020 provides means of generating CSV output, which can further be utilized directly from Revit in spreadsheets as well as other data environments. Moreover, now users have flexibility to use multi-shape services, which can be replaced or preserved or in a single operation.

Engineers now can store and access non-work shared Revit models at BIM 360 platform using data format that is optimized for cloud storage, syncing and single-use editing. Familiar keyboard shortcuts can be used to zoom out and in within a schedule to ease the process of reading small fonts while in a large-schedule view. Revit 2020 allows directly access to elevation properties to edit the top and bottom of cable tray, conduit elements and duct, which results in a simpler process of model coordination and modification.

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