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Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2023
System Requirements:
  • Operating System 64-bit Microsoft Windows 11 and Windows 10 version 1809 or above.
  • Processor Basic: 2.5–2.9 GHz processor (base) ARM Processors are not supported.
    Recommended: 3+ GHz processor (base), 4+ GHz (turbo)
  • Memory Basic: 8 GB
    Recommended: 16 GB
  • Display Resolution Conventional Displays: 1920 x 1080 with True Color
    High Resolution & 4K Displays: Resolutions up to Resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 (with capable display card)
  • Display Card Basic: 1 GB GPU with 29 GB/s Bandwidth and DirectX 11 compliant
    Recommended: 4 GB GPU with 106 GB/s Bandwidth and DirectX 12 compliant
  • Disk Space 10.0 GB (suggested SSD)
  • Pointing Device MS-Mouse compliant
  • .NET Framework .NET Framework version 4.8 or later
  • Operating System !!! macOS Ventura does NOT supported!!!

    Apple® macOS® Monterey v12
    Apple macOS Big Sur v11
    Apple macOS Catalina v10.15
  • Model Basic: Apple Mac Pro® 4.1, MacBook Pro 5.1, iMac® 8.1, Mac mini® 3.1, MacBook Air®, MacBook® 5.1
    Recommended: Apple Mac® models supporting Metal Graphics Engine
  • CPU Type 64-bit Intel CPU
  • Memory Basic: 4GB
    Recommended: 8GB or higher
  • Display Resolution Basic: 1280 x 800 display
    High Resolution: 2880 x 1800 with Retina Display
  • Disk Space 5 GB free disk space for download and installation
  • Pointing Device Apple-compliant Mouse, Apple-compliant Trackpad, Microsoft-compliant mouse
  • Display Card Mac native installed graphics cards
  • Disk Format APFS, APFS(Encrypted), Mac OS Extended (Journaled), Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Encrypted)
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Supported Systems:

Windows Mac

Included Languages:

English, 中文, čeština, français, Deutsch, magyar, italiano, 日本語, 한국어, polski, português, русский, español
Available: 50+

About Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2023

A lighter version of the immensely popular AutoCAD 2023 computer aided design program, Autodesk AutoCAD LT lets you design floor plans faster and more easily with its 2D design support. Autodesk AutoCAD LT is the best software to use for constructing 2D drafts as it offers extensive capabilities in this simpler tool set.

What is Autodesk AutoCAD LT?

You can think of Autodesk AutoCAD LT as being a light version of the popular original AutoCAD computer software. Like its predecessor, it is used by architects, engineers, planners and more to develop floor plans for constructing buildings.

The biggest difference between Autodesk AutoCAD LT and the original AutoCAD is that the LT version only has the capability to construct models in 2D form, whereas AutoCAD can create in 2D and 3D.

It may seem like you're getting less with Autodesk AutoCAD LT, and that is true because of its lower capabilities, but that fact is reflected in the price. Autodesk AutoCAD LT cost a fraction of the original software.

Why Choose Autodesk AutoCAD LT vs. AutoCAD?

Autodesk AutoCAD LT is marketed as a cost-effective alternative to traditional AutoCAD. You might consider this software if you are working on a budget or simply don't need the extra features provided by AutoCAD.

When you choose Autodesk AutoCAD LT, you'll still have access to these features:

  • Block libraries that make it easier to insert commonly used elements

  • Smart annotation tools for labeling and describing elements of the floor plan

  • The ability to import and convert PDFs to a format that you can use within AutoCAD LT

  • Organizational tools so you can plan and manage your project with others

  • Access to customize your menus and toolbars for enhanced usability

  • Access to the AutoCAD LT web version and mobile app so you can work from anywhere

  • Automatic updates and feature rollouts as soon as they're available

  • Dedicated customer service by phone and access to a huge community of users just like you

Who Uses Autodesk AutoCAD LT?

Even though Autodesk AutoCAD LT offers fewer features, it is used by the same types of professionals as the original AutoCAD. It's especially helpful for students who are making their first foray into computer aided design, but it's still powerful enough for architects, designers, and other planners who construct floor plans and only require 2D drafting.

Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2023 Pricing Model

If you’re a regular user of leading design software, you’ve likely noticed a trend in the pricing structure. In years past, you used to be able to go to a store or online retailer and purchase a computer program outright. This meant that you paid a single fee and could use that software as much and for as long as you wanted.

Many software companies are changing their approach to selling computer programs. They've found that they'll earn more revenue if they charge ongoing fees rather than a single purchase price. For this reason, you'll see subscription options at checkout rather than a final total.

This type of pricing structure has its benefits and drawbacks. The most obvious issue with a subscription model is that the consumer continues to pay long after their initial purchase. It doesn't take long to realize that you're soon paying much more for an ongoing subscription than you did when you had the chance to buy the software outright.

On the other hand, when you purchase a software subscription, you constantly have access to the latest version of that software. Part of the deal that comes with a subscription is that the developer is constantly working to improve the product. This means you'll enjoy new features and bug fixes several times a year. When you buy software outright, you're stuck with that version until you upgrade.

Can You Buy an Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2023 Lifetime License?

It is no longer possible to buy the latest version of Autodesk AutoCAD LT with a lifetime license. This software is only available on a subscription basis.

Is It Possible to Buy Cheap Autodesk AutoCAD LT?

You may think that because you're locked into a subscription, there's no way to download Autodesk AutoCAD LT at a discount. However, that's not true.

As part of our business model, we're able to offer our customers to buy software with a significant discount (up to 70% on some products). These savings are real and immediate, meaning you'll see your current price right at checkout.

Don’t Pay Full Price When You Buy Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2023

No one likes to overpay, but in certain industries, you're sometimes at the mercy of the manufacturers. It may seem like computer software subscriptions fall into that category, but savvy shoppers are always on the hunt for a way to save.

When you use our discount to order a low-cost Autodesk AutoCAD LT subscription, you're receiving the same service as customers who pay full price. You'll download the same software, receive the same benefits, and enjoy the same periodic updates. The only difference is that you pay less.

How to Save the Most on a Cheap Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2023 Subscription

A 60% discount is impressive, but if you take your time to review your purchasing options, you'll find that it's possible to save a lot more. That's because Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2023 comes with automatic discounts when you purchase longer subscription terms. Basically, this means that you pay less when you subscribe for one year versus what you'll pay if you subscribe for one month.

You'll find the best Autodesk AutoCAD LT discount when you purchase a 3-year subscription. There's an automatic discount over the monthly and annual plans, and then you'll save even more when you stack our exclusive discount offer.

What is AutoCAD LT?

AUTOCAD LT is a light version of AutoCAD software that includes powerful 2D drafting tools for the Windows and Mac operating systems. It has various useful features, including two-dimensional drawing tools, shared views, and interactive layouts. Its design and editing tools allow you to create and edit drawings quickly, share them with others, and easily collaborate on projects. The limitations of AutoCAD LT are its lack of 3D modeling capabilities and Z-axis. But other than that, AutoCAD LT is cheaper and easier to use. The subscription is flexible, and new features are added every year.

Watch more about all the differences between AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT in this video on Youtube.

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Matylda G., PL
Our company turned to this store to buy Autodesk Inventor 2017. At first we were attracted by the low price. Were pleasantly impressed by the prompt service. The program itself also left only positive impressions, especially the possibility of three-dimensional printing of models.
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We would like to note the professional help in choosing software, which made it possible to decide on competing products. Purchased Civil 3D. We received it on time, without delay, when ordering, our wishes on the terms of payment were taken into account. There were no problems with the installation. We are working, very satisfied.
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