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Autodesk Revit Architecture 2016
System Requirements:
  • Operating System Microsoft® Windows® 7 SP1 64-bit:
    Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional, or Home Premium

    Microsoft® Windows® 8 64-bit:
    Windows 8 Enterprise, Pro, or Windows 8

    Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 64-bit:
    Windows 8.1 Enterprise, Pro, or Windows 8.1
  • CPU Type Single- or Multi-Core Intel® Pentium®, Xeon®, or i-Series processor or AMD® equivalent with SSE2 technology. Highest affordable CPU speed rating recommended.

    Autodesk® Revit® software products will use multiple cores for many tasks, using up to 16 cores for near-photorealistic rendering operations.
  • Memory 4 GB RAM

    Usually sufficient for a typical editing session for a single model up to approximately 100 MB on disk. This estimate is based on internal testing and customer reports. Individual models will vary in their use of computer resources and performance characteristics.

    Models created in previous versions of Revit software products may require more available memory for the one-time upgrade process.
  • Video Display 1,280 x 1,024 with true color
    DPI Display Setting: 150% or less
  • Video Adapter Basic Graphics:
    Display adapter capable of 24-bit color

    Advanced Graphics:
    DirectX® 11 capable graphics card with Shader Model 3 as recommended by Autodesk.
  • Disk Space 5 GB free disk space
  • Pointing Device MS-Mouse or 3Dconnexion® compliant device
  • Browser Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 7.0 (or later)
  • Connectivity Internet connection for prerequisite component download
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About Autodesk Revit Architecture 2016

Autodesk Revit Architecture 2016 is software that was developed on the building information modeling technology platform. The program allows you to automate most of the routine tasks that specialists face every day in the process of doing their work. At any time, you can download Autodesk Revit Architecture 2016 and see all its benefits. The main feature of the presented program is its unique ability to store all available data centrally. It turns out that each element of your project is connected with each other, as a result of which when one component changes, the entire created model is automatically updated as a whole.

What's New in Revit Architecture 2016

The new version of Revit significantly simplifies the use of BIM technology. The following options are available to the user:

  • High performance, which was achieved by reducing the resource intensity of the analysis of volumetric models. In addition, large topographic surfaces, subareas, and building foundations can be regenerated with minimal memory requirements.

  • Navigate smoothly and continuously without having to wait for each stage of zooming, view rotation, or panning to complete. The desired effect was achieved due to the fact that some of the elements are not displayed when moving around the model.

  • Simplified PDF management, making file sharing faster. When exporting to this format, views and sheets are automatically linked. Any stamps in PDF are provided as links. It is possible to view the dependencies, which greatly simplifies the understanding of the behavior of the designed model. Each view allows you to show the relationship between dimensions and paths.

  • The visual programming environment makes it easy to work on the most complex projects. The user will be able to create logic and control the geometry or behavior of the models. The installation of the graphical interface occurs immediately with the application.

  • You can make changes in perspective views. Any adjustments are made without changing the look. For this, the application implements the appropriate tools, including those that allow you to restore the position of the camera target in the center of the field of view. It is possible to quickly switch to perspective and parallel 3D view.

  • Working with cloud technologies. In the application, it is possible to simultaneously access the model of several designers at once from different places. To do this, use cloud services A360 Collaboration for Revit. Having a tool like Communicator allows developers to communicate in real time.

  • You can use IFC geometry as the basis for placing families of faces, dimensions, snaps, and so on. Multiple IFC elements must be selected to define movement boundaries in a model. To import, export, or select Link, you must download the latest version of IFC for Revit.

  • In architectural design, a preliminary analysis of energy consumption indicators is possible. For this, the Project Solon information panel is provided, which can be opened in the Results and Comparison dialog. You can select the parameters of the families of any structural components, as well as columns. A separate parameter can be used to define load projection values, analyze the model, and take action to communicate with structural analysis applications.

  • When designing a model, specialists have access to the exchange of information on the design loads of steel connections. Designers will be able to transfer the relevant data to steel manufacturers, specifying the number of parameters. The resulting information on internal efforts is easily transferred to third-party applications.

  • As you work on projects, you can take advantage of a number of options in the Calculations menu to increase productivity and reduce computation time for large projects. The corresponding options allow you to lock the calculations for duct or piping systems at the system level.

  • In the application, you can create models that are ready for detailing. At the same time, information is available from the corresponding Autodesk Fabrication applications. For manufacturers databases, connection definitions are available, and there is also the possibility of detailed control of fitting definitions, standard segment lengths. As a result, it simplifies the moderation and coordination of any elements of engineering systems.

  • The application provides opportunities for planning construction sites, forming the relief directly in Revit. All site planning decisions can be passed on to the engineers. The application launches the Site Designer Extension, allowing you to select a layout project as part of the overall model. During the simulation, you can create a variety of objects, including roads, streets, parking lots, etc.

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