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Solidworks 2020 Premium
System Requirements:
  • Operating Systems Windows 10, 64-bit
    Windows 7 SP1, 64-bit
  • Processor 3.3 GHz or higher
  • RAM 16 GB or more
  • Drives SSD drives recommended for optimal performance
  • Microsoft Excel and Word 2013, 2016, 2019
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English, čeština, français, Deutsch, italiano, 日本語, 한국어, polski, português, русский, español, Türkçe
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About Solidworks 2020 Premium

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Finding the Best Deals for Solidworks 2020 Online

Discover Affordable Solidworks 2020 Licenses on Procadis.com

In today's digital landscape, finding cost-effective solutions for professional software like Solidworks 2020 is paramount for hobbyists, makers, and small businesses alike. Procadis.com emerges as a premier destination for those in search of a Solidworks 2020 Premium license that combines affordability with reliability. Our platform specializes in offering second-hand and pre-activated Solidworks licenses, ensuring you receive authentic software without the hefty price tag of the latest versions. Choosing Procadis.com means benefiting from competitive pricing while avoiding the pitfalls of operational issues or invalid licenses associated with unofficial sources.

Beyond our attractive pricing, Procadis.com stands out for its commitment to quality and customer support. As a trusted reseller, we provide access to Solidworks 2020 licenses with the assurance of legitimacy and ongoing support. Our online store is regularly updated with the most compelling deals, making it straightforward for our customers to compare options and find the best value for their specific needs. It's essential for buyers to select a reputable source like Procadis.com to ensure their software is fully supported and up-to-date.

Engaging with the community of Solidworks users through Procadis.com also offers unparalleled advantages. Our platform fosters a network of experienced professionals and enthusiasts who share insights, tips, and exclusive promotions not found elsewhere. This community aspect enriches the buying experience, offering guidance on maximizing the utility of a Solidworks 2020 license and uncovering hidden gems among our deals.

For those dedicated to finding the highest quality software at the best price, Procadis.com simplifies the search for Solidworks 2020. Our user-friendly website provides a transparent overview of available licenses, making it easy to identify the most cost-effective options. We also alert customers to price drops and special offers, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to save on Solidworks 2020 Premium. By leveraging Procadis.com, securing a high-quality, affordable Solidworks license is just a few clicks away, allowing you to invest in your projects without overstressing your finances.

Harnessing the Power of Used Licenses and Auctions

Embarking on a journey to procure Solidworks 2020 without breaking the bank often leads savvy seekers to the realm of pre-owned licenses. These golden opportunities to obtain industry-leading software at a fraction of the cost may seem elusive, but they are indeed woven into the fabric of the online marketplace. Pioneering individuals and value-driven businesses alike delve into the depths of the internet, uncovering forums and specialist websites where previously purchased licenses are bought and sold. Such licenses, often from companies who have upgraded or changed their software infrastructure, can represent significant savings while staying compliant with legalities, as long as due diligence is performed to ensure the transfer is legitimate.

The allure of auctions for acquiring Solidworks 2020 licenses must not be underestimated. As the gavel falls and winning bids are announced, the thrills of the auction house can yield more than just excitement; they can bring forth substantial bargains on software licenses. Frequenting auction sites calls for a vigilant approach, an understanding of market values, and a readiness to leap when the price dips. It requires patience and resolve, yet the payoff is access to the full suite of Solidworks features without the hefty price tag of purchasing new.

Frequently Asked Questions about Solidworks 2020

How much does it cost to purchase a Solidworks 2020 license for individual use?

For individuals looking to leverage Solidworks for personal projects or learning, procadis.com offers competitively priced licenses, including options for second-hand and pre-activated licenses. The cost varies depending on the version and license type, but our goal is to make Solidworks accessible to individual users at a much lower price point than new retail licenses.

Are there any Solidworks editions tailored for makers, and what are their limitations?

Yes, Solidworks provides editions specifically designed for makers, focusing on non-commercial use. These editions come with some limitations, such as restricted access to certain commercial-grade features. However, procadis.com offers various licensing options that help overcome these limitations by providing affordable access to more comprehensive features, enabling makers to bring their creations to life without significant investment.

What is the annual subscription cost for Solidworks 2020, and do you offer more affordable options?

The annual subscription cost for Solidworks can be quite high, especially for small businesses or individual users. At procadis.com, we offer more affordable solutions through second-hand and pre-activated licenses that significantly reduce the financial burden. These options provide full functionality at a fraction of the cost, catering to those who need professional CAD tools on a tighter budget.

What Solidworks licensing options are available for hobbyists looking to save money?

Hobbyists seeking affordable Solidworks licensing options will find a variety of choices on procadis.com. We provide second-hand and pre-activated licenses at lower prices. This approach allows hobbyists to enjoy the benefits of professional-grade CAD software without the high costs associated with new licenses.

New Top 10 Features

Enhanced Performance

Solidworks 2020 Premium significantly boosts software performance, ensuring faster and more efficient project completions. It introduces improvements in large assembly load times, streamlined workflows, and enhanced graphics performance for a smoother, more responsive design experience. Users can expect quicker opening, saving, and loading of large files, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Advanced Assembly and Part Modeling

This version brings advanced capabilities in assembly and part modeling, facilitating the creation of complex geometries and mechanisms with ease. The new Flex Feature allows users to easily bend, stretch, and twist parts, enhancing design flexibility. Enhanced Mate options improve the assembly process, allowing for more intuitive positioning and alignment of components.

Improved Drawing Capabilities

Solidworks 2020 Premium offers enhanced drawing capabilities, including detail and section view improvements, making it easier to generate precise 2D sketches from 3D models. The introduction of a new ‘Detailing Mode’ enables users to open drawings in seconds, regardless of size, without needing to load the models. This feature is invaluable for making quick annotations or references to large projects.

Simulation and Analysis

The Premium version comes equipped with powerful simulation and analysis tools, allowing engineers to test and validate their designs within the Solidworks environment. This includes advanced stress, thermal, vibration, and flow simulations. The 2020 version introduces improved meshing capabilities and faster solving times, enabling more accurate and efficient analysis of complex models.

Electrical and PCB Design Integration

Solidworks 2020 Premium integrates comprehensive electrical and printed circuit board (PCB) design capabilities, facilitating seamless collaboration between mechanical and electrical design teams. This feature allows for the co-design of electrical schematics and 3D models, ensuring synchronized updates and data consistency across the project.

3DExperience Platform Integration

Solidworks 2020 enhances its integration with the 3DExperience platform, providing users with cloud-based collaboration tools and data management capabilities. This integration allows for easy sharing and management of design data across teams and locations, facilitating efficient collaboration on projects. Users can leverage cloud storage, project management tools, and real-time communication features to streamline workflows and improve project outcomes.

Customizable User Experience

The customizable user interface in Solidworks 2020 Premium allows users to tailor their workspace according to their preferences and workflows, increasing efficiency and ease of use. Enhanced command search, more intuitive toolbars, and the ability to customize shortcuts and menus ensure that users can create an optimized work environment that best suits their design process.

Additive Manufacturing Tools

Solidworks 2020 Premium advances in additive manufacturing tools, offering integrated workflows to transition from design to 3D printing seamlessly. Enhanced support for 3D printing file formats, such as 3MF, along with improved mesh repair tools and print bed optimization features, empower designers to prepare and validate their designs for 3D printing directly within the software.

Streamlined User Interface

Solidworks 2020 Premium introduces a streamlined user interface designed to improve user productivity and ease of use. This version focuses on minimizing visual clutter and enhancing the overall user experience by organizing tools and commands more logically. Features like the enhanced Command Manager and context-sensitive right-click menus have been optimized to reduce mouse travel and increase efficiency. The introduction of a more intuitive property manager also simplifies the process of adjusting features and settings, allowing users to modify their designs with fewer clicks and less time.

Enhanced Collaboration Tools

The version expands on its collaboration capabilities with enhanced tools that facilitate easier sharing and management of projects among team members. The addition of the new Envelope Publisher allows users to share critical component information without revealing the entire model, protecting proprietary design data while still collaborating effectively. This feature is particularly useful in complex assemblies or when working with external vendors and stakeholders. Additionally, Solidworks 2020 Premium's improved eDrawings functionality offers better visualization and augmented reality (AR) support, enabling stakeholders to review designs in a more immersive and interactive manner.

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