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SketchUp Pro 2021
System Requirements:
  • Software Windows 10
    Microsoft® Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher
    SketchUp Pro requires .NET Framework version 4.5.2
  • Recommended hardware 2+ GHz processor
    8+ GB RAM
    700MB of available hard-disk space
    3D class video card with 1 GB of memory or higher and support for hardware acceleration
    3-button, scroll-wheel mouse
  • Software !!! Mac OS 12+ (Monterey) DOESN'T supported yet !!!
    Mac OS 11+ (Big Sur)
    Mac OS 10.15+ (Catalina)
    Mac OS 10.14+ (Mojave)
    QuickTime 5.0 and web browser for multimedia tutorials
  • Recommended hardware 2+ GHz processor
    8+ GB RAM
    700MB of available hard-disk space
    3D class video card with 1 GB of memory or higher and support for hardware acceleration
    3-button, scroll-wheel mouse
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Supported Systems:

Windows Mac

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Available: 50+

About SketchUp Pro 2021

SketchUp Pro 2021 is highly advanced design software that's used by millions across the world to better build design projects, architectural projects, building structures, installation, interior design, and many other things. It's a simple online tool that's also highly powerful in terms of performance and fast results. Users can experience far better design workflow, improved features, advanced settings, and unique options for their needs.

SketchUp 2021 is easy-to-use 3D CAD modeling and 2D drawing software.

SketchUp Pro 2021 is the software that provides the most intuitive way to design something. And you don't even have to be a professional in order to understand how this software works, and how to use it. You just need to know the basics of design and architectural CAD in order to be able to use SketchUp Pro 2021 in the best manner. With the help of the 3D space platform where you can work your ideas a lot easier, you can develop your projects much faster and much better. In fact, that's one of the key features that made SketchUp Pro 2021 so popular among millions of users across the world. SketchUp Pro 2021 is also accurate, and since the beginning of each of your projects, you will notice that accuracy is the key at SketchUp Pro 2021. You will be able to design, define and plan all stages of your projects in much easier and faster steps.

SketchUp Pro Benefits

Interoperability - SketchUp Pro 2021 is a great match for almost all other design tools you might use on your desktop.

Objects – Work better and faster with the SketchUp Pro 2021 objects

Extensibility – Use SketchUp Pro 2021 extensibility features to reach the most desirable limits for your projects.

Customization - SketchUp Pro 2021 is a great software that allows users rich customization in relation to almost any of their needs. Make SketchUp Pro 2021 your own personal tool, make it so that it looks just like you.

Inferencing - SketchUp Pro 2021 uses inferencing to make accuracy and speed a walk in the park in terms of improving your work and gain extra time for even more valuable projects.

Mobility - SketchUp will work on any computer. It even has a mobile viewer for on the go.

Full AutoCAD drawing support - Only SketchUp Pro can import and export 2D CAD files in DWG and DXF format.

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SketchUp Pro 2021 is a highly accurate and reliable design tool used by millions across the world. Designers, architects, engineers, and 3D design enthusiasts, all are satisfied with this software. Not to mention the latest SketchUp Pro 2021 update which comes with extra features, more accurate tools, faster layout design, lower memory usage at full capacity. Use procadis.com as your number one source to buy 100% legit SketchUp Pro 2021. Experience the same professional and highly advanced software at a very affordable price. Also, you can buy many other legit software programs in case your needs are extended into this line of business.

SketchUp Pro

Simple is powerful

PreDesign Enhance your design research with this new web-based tool that provides insights into sustainable design for your project location.
Extension Warehouse SketchUp integrates with an enormous library of plugins/extensions you can use to meet more advanced 3D modelling requirements.
Detailed models in VR Own an Oculus or HTC headset? You can view your models in Virtual Reality with SketchUp Pro.

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What customers say

Stefan, BE
Building Design Suite Ultimate 2021 is a great solution for engineers, designers and constructors. For example, using this complex, you can easily create 3D presentations and animations. But of course, the most important thing is that you get access to all the latest versions of the programs that are included in this complex. By the way, we saved a decent amount of money by buying programs not one by one, but all together at this complex.
Gabrjel, US
I couldn't be happier with my successful purchase of Civil 3D 2024. It has enhanced my design workflow and improved project efficiency. Worth every penny!
Antoni, GB
This is not the first time our company has ordered software from this store. We are happy with the service, as well as 24-hour online support. Therefore, when we needed to buy Autodesk Maya 2018, we made an order in this store. It is very convenient that the order was processed within an hour and we received a link to download the software and a license immediately after payment. What our designers liked the most about this version of Maya is the HumanIK technology that makes it easier to work with animation.
Brooke, US
Exceptional service from ProCADIS. Friendly, professional, and highly knowledgeable staff. Definitely recommend for anyone needing top-notch IT solutions! 👍💻